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Ori Bee - Stingless Bee Honey Pump Mix Series 12V Plus + 2L Full Set / 银蜂抽蜜机-MIX系列 12V Plus + 2L 全套

RM 279.90

Honey Pump- Mix Series Dual 12V  抽蜜机

Features :

-Build in Battery Display Meter/内置电池显示表

-Build in Battery. Run up to 4-6 hour.内置电池

-High Speed Power +25% 90KPA / 双倍流量 +25% 90KPA

-2000ML Capacity Bottle / 2000毫升瓶子容量

-Adjustable Pump Speed / 电泵速度调节

-On/Off Button / 内建开关

-12V Battery  / 支持12V电池

-High Vacuum Pressure / 高负压流量


*1 Year Malaysia Local Warranty.

*One to one exchange within 3 months.

*Warranty void if human damag